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And now, some good news:

Ireland: Both Sides Reportedly Say Ireland Has Voted to Legalize Gay Marriage by Referendum.

I really, really thought I had a chance this time.  The interviewer was super impressed - or so I thought.  Maybe she just said that to be polite.  Anyway, I didn't get the internship.  They picked someone with more experience than me.  I keep not being chosen because of not enough experience!  But I don't know how to get experience when my solo projects don't count and no one will hire me.  It's frustrating, especially when it's already unpaid so I can't even bargain that I'd work for free.

At least this isn't as bad as a few years ago, when I didn't get an internship because I didn't have enough social media experience.  At the time, I had five years, meaning I'd been using it since its inception.  They asked me if I had more than that, and so I asked them if social media had existed before then, and the interviewer was like... touché. 

Honestly, I'm just really disappointed right now.  It's nothing I did wrong, so there's nothing for me to improve upon.  I just have to be in the right place at the right time, maybe?
So, this happened.…; Liberals, I'm not angry, just disappointed.  Also kinda angry.

Up until now, I liked the way the Liberals were reinventing themselves and I very much like Justin Trudeau's approach to, well, just about everything.  (Although I do have to LOL at people comparing him to his father now and conveniently forgetting history to make their "ironic" point.  Yes, Pierre Trudeau brought in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but he also used the War Measures Act, so... yeah).  Anyway, even though I agree with Justin Trudeau's ideas about many other things, his support of Bill C-51 is too big a problem for me.  So I have no idea who I'm going to vote for in October. 

This… is Trudeau giving his reasoning for supporting C-51.  Apparently, it looks like this law is coming and there's nothing anyone could have done about it (although, if the Liberals all voted against it, it never would have passed, so, yeah, there was something else they could have done) - so Trudeau's plan is to get on board and start amending it on the ground floor.  Which sounds sketchy at best, because what guarantee do we have that those amendments will get made, or that they'll solve the problems in this very problematic bill?

Supposedly there's a wave of Liberal supporters looking to the NDP now…, but that's not going to be any better.  Because Mulcair just said the exact same thing.… He's against the bill all the way... except, if it was passed and then the NDP won the next election, they'd change it before scrapping it.  Even though his entire argument leading up to that point was that this bill is dangerous, counter-productive, and unnecessary in light of all the other security laws we already have in place.  So it seems ridiculous to me that the reaction of not supporting the Liberals anymore means fleeing to the NDP, because, same diff.  (I thought the structure of that post was odd though, since the headline says he wouldn't change it, yet the bulk of the interview is him saying what's wrong with it... and the interviewer seemed to take one side while the article seemed to take another).

I'm so annoyed with this "protecting Canadians" thing - it's a meaningless phrase.  The Canadian government has done more harmful things to Canadians than terrorists have.  How does the current Canadian government treat Native groups, scientists, the environment and those who support it, young people looking to get jobs and not just be farmed through university, old people, and war veterans?  I'm a lot more worried about what the government is doing to Canadians.  What is this bill even for?  Like, after the shooting on Parliament Hill, couldn't they have just added more security guards around the building or something?

This is kind of like what happened after 9/11, in that the government response was actually a lot more detrimental to our freedom than the attack itself.  And this is coming from someone who lost two family members in that attack.  It was a horrible, horrible act of senseless violence, but that's exactly the point.  It's senseless.  You can't stop terrorism by cracking down on people who didn't do anything wrong.

I do draw the line, however, at saying things like tougher security is MAKING more terrorists.  Terrorists, especially home growns, have their own version of the truth - oh, sorry, "The Truth!!!!111" so it kind of doesn't matter to them what happens in reality.  Some people are hateful and reactionary, and some of those people get their hands on guns and bombs.  We already have police and an army and other forms of security to deal with threats like that.  A new clusterfuck of laws isn't going to sway them either way.  What the clusterfuck WILL do is fuck things up for you and me.

So, what political party is actually against this bill?  Like, against it enough to get rid of it?  Green Party?  Are we all going to vote for them now? (and I have actually voted Green in the past, so this isn't just me being flippant).  I would actually really like to see that.  A Green majority. lol.
My cousin and her students are on their way home!  Canadian planes bringing supplies to Nepal are picking up stranded Canadians and bringing them to Delhi.  My cousin and her students got on the first flight.  From India, they can get a commercial plane home.  I'm so thankful.

That news alone would have been wonderful enough, but I also have some good news pertaining to my career.  Last night, I attended the opening of a local film festival.  For over a year, I've been a blogger for that film festival.  I talked with the festival director and asked him if he had a paying job for me.  Well... he said no, and he also said he didn't need the blog anymore.  Although he vaguely remembered me, he was no longer in contact with the person who hired me.  So... yeah...  Totally jobless.  I was really annoyed with that.  Over a year of working for free and I have nothing to show for it.  But then, 12 hours after that, I get a message from another film company.  I've been begging them for a job for ages and now they finally need a summer intern!  So I am no longer jobless.  It's still non-paying, but at least this is for a company that's serious resume candy.
And now, some good news:

Ireland: Both Sides Reportedly Say Ireland Has Voted to Legalize Gay Marriage by Referendum.


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