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Monsterville Opening Credits by CaptainQuirk
Monsterville Opening Credits
OMG... Here it is!  I can't believe it.  It's real!  It's aliiive!

Once again, I want to thank Scattle for her advice on the music, as well as Sejuay, Rainbow-Acey, and InkSlingerDucky for their additional encouragement.

I will be going further with this.  While I work on somehow finding the money to make a proper Monsterville, I will make a "Monsterville 1.0" just so it will exist.  It may not be all nice and shiny, but it will be tangible, which puts it head and shoulders above something that's just an idea.  So... here we go!

The voice track is already recorded.  Monsterville 1.0 will star InkSlingerDucky as Jen, Sejuay as Lucas, my friend Leeman as Vince and Cal, and me as... um, everyone else. :lol: 

Monsterville is property of me and bleeding-mark.
Hauling mountains of luggage, plus the sleeping child, Arthur plodded up the path to the log cabin.  He knocked at the door.  And waited.  And waited.  Arthur looked back over his shoulder.  The driver had already left, meaning Arthur was alone.  At least, he felt alone.  The sleeping child was more a responsibility than a companion, and Arthur felt more weighed down and tired than he had felt in ages.  At long last, the door creaked open.

There he was, just as Arthur remembered.  Tall, long haired, and with something of a miniature beard.  Francis’ eyes sparkled just as they had on the day he and Arthur had met.  All at once, Arthur felt the bittersweetness of lost love and the angry rush of bloody battle.  There were a million words he wanted to say.  He started with one.


Francis nodded.  

“Welcome to my home,” Francis replied.  “Please, come in.”

Without asking, Francis grasped the handle on one of Arthur’s cases and helped him carry it inside.  Without protest, Arthur followed.  Inside the log cabin, it was cool and shady and smelled faintly of pine.  It reminded Arthur a little bit of his own house; the one in which he was raising Alfred.  This house, of course, was a bit too ostentatious for his liking.  Something about the bevelled framing around the windows and the excess of furniture annoyed Arthur.  It suited Francis perfectly.

“I hope this will do,” said Francis, showing Arthur to a private corner of the cabin.  The cabin was short on rooms to begin with, and this one was further divided with a curtain.  Inside this area was a bed large enough for Arthur and Alfred to sleep in together.  There was little else in the area, save for an empty space in which for them to put their luggage.  It was a small space, although Arthur had to admit, it was a generous fraction of the entire area of the cabin.  For a moment, Arthur wondered what would happen if he would ask for a nicer space - not that he needed it, but that it might be fun to make Francis’ life difficult.  Then again, his pride put him above such childish things.

“Of course,” said Arthur.  “Thank you.”

A heavy squirming under his arm drew his attention.

“Are we... there yet?” Alfred mumbled.  Wriggling from Arthur’s grip, Alfred jumped to the floor.  He looked up and stared at Francis.

“Hi,” said Alfred.  “Are you the perverted old frog that Arthur told me about?”

“What the - !” Arthur shouted, diving toward Alfred and clapping his hand over his mouth.  “I have said no such thing, young man.”

Francis smiled, perhaps enjoying Alfred’s cuteness, but in all likelihood, he was enjoying Arthur’s discomfort much more.

“Such a sweet boy,” Francis said.  “When you get a little older, I’ve got something you might enjoy.”

Fuming like wildfire, Arthur flew to stand face to face with Francis.  He glared at him with all the rage of a thousand dragons.

“This!” said Arthur.  “This is a big part of why we’re not together anymore.”

Francis laughed.

“Calm down, Arthur,” Francis said.  “I was merely referring to Louisiana.  It appears all that time you spend in your horrible rainy climate is putting a damper on your worldview.”

He put his hand over his own mouth, feigning to stroke his beard.  In a quiet voice, he added, “And that is another reason we cannot be together.”

While the two adults glared at each other, Alfred toddled off to explore.  The layout of the cabin was neat and square; there was disappointingly little to climb on.  Everything was either too fancy or too boring or too high off the ground for him to reach.  That’s when he noticed a little bed.  Child-sized.  It was made of wood and the headboard was carved to depict a decorative maple leaf.

“Yippee!” Alfred cheered.  “There must be another kid around here.”

“There is,” said a quiet voice.  Alfred turned around.  He couldn’t believe it.  Standing in front of him was a little boy who looked just like him.  The differences were slight; this boy’s hair was longer and styled differently, and his eyes were a soft shade of lavender while Alfred’s were ocean blue.  Other than that, it was the same face, the same body, the same vocal timbre.

“Wow, you’re interesting!” said Alfred.  “I’m going to show you to my dad.”  Before Matthew could so much as step back, Alfred grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him to where Arthur and Francis stood talking.  He pulled Matthew in front of the adults and put his arm around him.

“Hey, look!” Alfred said, beaming with pride as he presented his discovery to his fathers.  Matthew shot a pleading glance up at Francis.

“Alfred, Matthew,” Francis said, “I see you have met one another.”  Arthur knelt to be eye-level with the children.

“You two have actually met one another before,” he said.  “Only, it was so long ago, I’m sure you wouldn’t remember.”

Alfred looked at Matthew for a moment, then back at Arthur.  He shrugged.

“How did we know each other?”

A pause.  Arthur wasn’t exactly sure how to answer that.  He decided it was best to be honest with them as early as possible.

“You’re brothers,” he said, and watched for their response.  Alfred simply nodded, perhaps not fully grasping what that meant.  After all, he either had many brothers or no other brothers at all, depending on how one counts them.  Matthew, on the other hand, understood it exactly how Arthur had meant it.  His lavender eyes went wide.


“Oui,” Arthur replied.  “Tu est... les frères.  Vous êtes?  Vous.  Both of vous.  Er, vous avez...?”  He looked up at Francis, who raised an eyebrow.

“You are out of practice,” Francis said.  “Old friend.”

“I don’t waste my time staying in practice.”

“Oh, is bilingualism too complicated for you?  Can’t tell avoir from être?”

“I’ll avoir YOUR être,” Arthur mumbled, climbing to a standing position once more.  Any resentment he felt quickly faded, though, as he saw Matthew take Alfred’s hands in his own.  Matthew stared at Alfred in wonder, and after a moment, brought him into a tight embrace.

“Je suis tres, tres heureux,” Matthew said, pulling Alfred closer.  Alfred looked up over Matthew’s shoulder, showing Arthur a quizzical look.  Matthew didn’t seem to notice.

“Bienvenue a ma pays.”

Alfred gave Matthew a hearty pat on the back as he pulled out of the hug.

“Boy, you sure talk funny,” he said.  “Wanna be my friend?”

“Oui, bien sûr!”

Matthew felt Francis’ hand tap gently on his shoulder.

“Matthew?  Seulement anglais, pour Alfred.”  

Matthew nodded.

“Do you want to play outside?” Matthew asked his newfound brother.  Alfred nodded with enthusiasm.  The two boys ran out to play in the forest.  As their happy laughter faded away in the distance, an uncomfortable silence flooded the cabin.  After so many years of bitter separation, Arthur and Francis were alone together.
Beginnings, Chapter Four
Previous chapter: <da:thumb id="471126799">
First chapter: <da:thumb id="465620605"> ....DA, why do you keep changing these how these links work? O_O
Dear Romance Expert,

Even though I am AWESOME, I could use some help.  There’s this guy.  He’s quiet and shy, but sweet as maple syrup.  I’d do anything to get his attention, but, as the old trope goes, he doesn’t even know I exist.  The weird thing is, I think I might be the only person who knows he exists.  It’s kind of a weird situation.  What should I do?

-- The Awesome Me


Dear Awesome,

Your confidence is a wonderful asset.  However, if this fellow you’ve got your eye on is really as shy as you say, it is important that you do not overwhelm him.  Like a rose, love must blossom slowly.  Make your move, but do so carefully.

The Romance Expert


Dear Romance Expert,

I have a problem.  I have a crush on my neighbour.  He’s a really nice guy, if not a little awkward, but he’s fun and we get along well together.  I think he likes me too.  The problem is... I’m married.  And if that weren’t bad enough, my neighbour is an enemy of my husband.

Is there a way to make my neighbour and husband fall madly into a fit of lust for one another so they can passionately caress one another in front of our house while I watch?

Frying Pan Fantasies


Dear Frying Pan,

Are you certain you can’t satisfy this particular compulsion through romantic literature?

The Romance Expert


Hey bro!

I’ve got a problem.  There’s this dude I’ve been going out with, and we’re into seeing more of each other.  So, I’m like, sweet, bro!  The thing is, he tends to throw his weight around.  He’s got to be the boss of the relationship, you know?  But, duh, I’m the Hero!  So shouldn’t I be the boss?  How do I tell him I’m the boss?  Everytime I try to lay down the law, he gives me this icy stare that’s sooooo creepy.  

The Hero


Dear Hero,

It seems like you and your partner are both strong personalities.  Perhaps it is best if you defer to each other’s expertise based on the subject matter at hand.  For example, you might know more about hospitality whereas he might know more about dealing with severe climates.  For things about which you are both passionate, such as space travel, maybe you can work together?  After all, love is about collaboration, not competition.

I hope this helps.
The Romance Expert


Dear Romance Expert,

My future husband refuses to marry me!  He says I’m too scary.  He says it’s wrong for us to marry because we’re brother and sister.  I have tried everything I can to convince him, but even my biggest knife doesn’t change his mind.

Please help this Beauty with a Butcher’s Knife.


Dear Beauty with a Butcher’s Knife,

Love is not something you can force on others.  Do not be overcome with the fear of never getting married, because fear can drive us to do some rather outlandish things.  Instead, focus on what makes you happy.  Who knows?  Maybe you will meet someone who feels as passionately about you as you do about him.

Good luck,
The Romance Expert


Dear Romance Expert,

I dearly love a coworker of mine, and yet he is so standoffish with me.  I don’t know why.  We work together on the same tomato farm all day and I’ve known him since he was a child.  We’ve certainly got the familiarity and yet he treats me like a complete stranger.  What can I do to make him warm up to me?

- Matadorable


Dear Matadorable,

The more you listen, the more your beloved little tomato will talk.  Pay attention to what he’s telling you.  Then you will understand how, if at all, to communicate your affections.

I hope this helps,
The Romance Expert


Dear Romance Expert,

Ve, ve!  My boyfriend keeps getting annoyed with me.  He calls me useless and often acts like he doesn’t care about me.  I admit, he’s good at lots of things while I’m, um, not.  But still, I try my best!  Deep down, he must care about me, because he’s always rescuing me, but then he goes back to acting like he doesn’t care.  Still, I think he cares on some level, because he’s always so very patient with me.  What do I do?  What do I dooooo?

Yours truly,
I Love Pasta


Dear Pasta,

Oh, dear me.  One of two things could be going on here.  You might not like to hear this, but sometimes, love hurts.  Either your boyfriend really doesn’t care and he’s using you, or he does care but refuses to give you the love you deserve.  In either case, he’s not doing a very good job of being your boyfriend.  You say he’s patient with you, but you have, perhaps, been too patient with him.

I would suggest you two sit down and have a serious conversation.  Make sure he knows how you feel about the insults.  Both of you need to be clear on what you want from the relationship.  If you need him to show his love for you, then tell him so.  And remember, even if he demonstrates romantic behaviour toward you, that still doesn’t mean anything unless the insults stop.  He shouldn’t be calling you useless!  If the problematic behaviour continues, it might be time to move on.  You deserve someone who loves you, Pasta.  Moving on to someone better doesn’t mean you’re running away.

I wish you the best of luck.
The Romance Expert


Dear Romance Expert,

I have the most terrible crush on someone.  The problem is, I don’t deal with emotions very well.  Even though I’ve known this person for as long as I can remember, I have been nothing but snippy with him.  We’ve fought since we were children and I just wish I could finally tell him how much I love him.  Please help me.

Tired of Splendid Isolation


Dear England,

Are you serious?  I’ve been waiting for you to send me some sort of sign since the Middle Ages.  I never made the first move since, well, I’ve seen how you respond to that sort of thing.  Now that I know the truth, however...

Meet me at the Red Rose cafe at 8 tonight?

All my love,
Carol Burnett Star Trek Boob Grab by CaptainQuirk
Carol Burnett Star Trek Boob Grab
Based on this sketch:…

I didn't put much effort into this.  I've been working way too hard on other stuff, so I just did this because it's stupid and I don't have to care about it. :XD:

I put a moderate warning for sexuality just in case.  For Boob Grabbing.
Old and New by CaptainQuirk
Old and New
I redid the old cover to make it look more exciting yet more streamlined.  It somehow turned out WAY worse than the original. OTL

I like how they're actually popping out of the keyhole, but other than that, it's just... not... right.  There will be a third try at some point.  Then, I can start freaking out over the back cover and spine. :XD:  Any feedback on how to make this design actually look good would be welcome.

Special Monsterville Announcement

Fri Sep 5, 2014, 3:29 PM

Earlier this summer, I set out to make the opening credits to what will be the Monsterville animated series.

Now it's ready.

I'll be posting it here soon.  I want to thank Scattle for her advice on the music and Rainbow-Acey and InkSlingerDucky for their tireless encouragement.

Yes, there WILL be a full cartoon eventually, if only a pilot episode, and it looks like I'll have to draw it myself.  Fortunately, Sejuay and InkSlingerDucky have been kind enough to lend me their voice talents.

Monsterville is property of me and bleeding-mark.


A Quirk of Art
I'm Tamara. My life is pretty awesome. I'm an intern on a TV show and my dog is brilliant.

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