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Submitted on
October 20, 2013


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Growing up means growing down,
deeper into the earth
until we are six feet under.

Maturity is not a badge of honour,
because the gleaming golden trophy belongs to those who will
punch and kick and undercut,
while the mature must settle for quietly consoling themselves
in their celebrated capacity for emotional abuse.

Perhaps we should be proud of our blank name,
Our battered and broken selves,
tucked neatly away into unacceptably present bodies.

And yet nothing can heal that,
the most crushing of loneliness
when one is wrested from the label under which
they once took solace.

Call me barbaric
Call me overlarge
Call me the unwanted moss on an otherwise manicured tree
But never call me yours.

I am mine,
but never tamed.
My life oscillates between hating being a nice person and worrying about not being nice enough. I don't like being taken advantage of, but I still want to be a good person.
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Sejuay Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I understand.

Recently I have accepted that most adults act like children.  Children only act like "grown-ups" because they are forced to.
I am constantly losing and renewing my faith in humanity.  I don't know if I'm too judgmental or if people are just irritating.
Sejuay Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beh, yes people are that irritating :(
Yeah, I believe that.  Last night my friend and I went out to a party.  On the bus home, this drunk guy started up with us.  He said a lot of insulting things to me, and then threatened to flash me, at which point I told him off.  Then, he grabs my friend (like a full-on hold), and she can't do anything, so I had to physically pull this guy off her.  And then, he pretends like he's going to grab me, and then at the last second he stops, to fake me out.  Calls me a bitch... continues to mutter incoherently to himself, at which point I was really getting scared.  The bus was so crowded we couldn't move to another spot. 

And on that bus full of people, you know how many people helped us?  Zero.  And then, when Mr. Too Cool For Sobriety finally gets off the bus, this guy (who I thought was unaware of the whole thing because he had his eyes closed and his headphones on) turns to me and says "good thing he got off the bus by himself and the driver didn't have to throw him off."  Like... don't you pretend you're on my side, buddy, if you're just going to play statue until the danger is gone.  Honestly...  Like, I know that's not a representation of all humanity, but OMFG I just wish that whole episode didn't happen.

Once I got home I started panicking over it and I had a nightmare about it.  :\  So, in short, yeah.  People have the capacity to be terrible.
Sejuay Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:(  Shit.
"Maturity is not a badge of honour,
because the gleaming golden trophy belongs to those who will
punch and kick and undercut..."

Love it.
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