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Submitted on
April 30, 2008
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If my voice were sweeter
And my hair were longer
And I was harder, better, faster, stronger

If my feet were smaller
And my body thinner
And I always was a first-place winner

If I were better at singing
And better at sports
Had a prettier smile
And showed tactful support

If I were an athlete
And a brilliant thinker
If I were a dare-devil
And a fearless drinker

If my ankles were slender
And my neck weren't so bulky
And nothing bad happened so I'd never get sulky

If I were a leader
Yet didn't mind being led
And if I were some mythical creature in bed

If I were an angel
So patient and kind
Remembered all the good
And left the bad behind

If I were a hero
Played the saxophone
A champ with a skateboard
And charismatic on the phone

If I were a beauty
And a wiz troubleshooter
And had magical talents with every computer

If I were a princess
Dressed by cartoon birds
And knew the definition of every word

If I could do magic
If my eyes sparkled brighter
If I never got tired
And my muscles were tighter

If I had the perfect body
Not an ounce of fat
The allure of a siren
And the grace of a cat

Would that make you like me?
Would that make me real?
Would I be worth loving?
Would it be a good deal?

If I never made typos
Never tripped or stumbled
If my drawings looked real
And my cakes never crumbled

What more can I do
If I'm trying my best?
You're out of my league
Just like all the rest.
I feel worthless -.-

Note: This is not a pity-call.
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Helix606 Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
Hey you are awesome Tam Tam

good poem though
Soulstripper Featured By Owner May 9, 2008
Yeah, I do know how that feels, and I fear I'll repeat what everyone else said. And indeed, destruction does a LOT for the destroyer. As long as it's not his only solace, it's a great deal.

I'd never want you to chance. Being perfect excludes beauty,inner or outer,because being yourself, being unique, being true to you is beauty. And perfection doesn't deal with them. Whatever you feel, you're wonderful,as long as you're you. Being angry just points out what you are,and what you don't want to be. I'll always be proud of you:hug:
CaptainQuirk Featured By Owner May 10, 2008
Being angry just points out what you are,and what you don't want to be.

Very profound.

And thank you so much :hug: I luv you.
Soulstripper Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
It's not that profound. I learned it from Vimes, really. Though he hasn't said it,it's mentioned he can be defined by what he hates. Therefore goes my thought ;P

You're welcome; it was nothing, really,I just relate to the feeling - a lot. I luv you too! :hug:
CaptainQuirk Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
:hmm: That makes a lot of sense. Maybe it's not a great way to define oneself, but it gives a strong answer.
Soulstripper Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
The way I see it,giving a strong answer is exactly the best way to define oneself.
Scattle Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
It makes the reader feel hopeless as well, in a way. With each paragraph, the reader thinks "Hey, that applies to me, too." Awesome effect, Captain.

This piece is great.
CaptainQuirk Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
"You see, Lisa, the blues isn't about making yourself feel better. It's about making other people feel worse."
Thanks for the fave.
emma-poinsettia Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
Destruction isn't all bad. ;p

It just has a bad rep...because of what happens to the destroyed stuff. No one thinks about what it does for the destroyer.

I've rarely agreed with her, more.

This is very well written, very cohesive. I totally empathize, too. However, it might take time to realize, but no matter how good you are- you're never good enough for whatever it is you feel too inadequate for.

And remember, if you ever need to just bitch n' rant, I'm only a note away.
CaptainQuirk Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
:hug: Thanks, Em.
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